Friday, 8 March 2013

The Avengers: Hulk Special Effects

I was really interested by the processes that went into producing the hulk. Firstly, we see placeholders, for example, when Thor resists behind crushed by one of Hulk's huge hands. This provides actors with something physical to interact with. We also see motion capture markers on the puppeteer of the Hulk props, which I imagine will allow animators to track the movements and accurately animate the CG Hulk. Again it's interesting to see this bridge between physical and CG elements.

I was also really interested by the render passes and simulation layers that were used to really make the Hulk feel real and organic. The VFX artists talks of a muscle and bone structure beneath the Hulk's skin that preserves volume, and dynamics that cause the muscles to jiggle and shake. I found the most surprising pass to be the cloth simulation, which is actually used for the Hulk's skin. This tool usually applied to shirts and other clothing, is said to create a nice wrinkling effect. I feel that this really demonstrates creative problem solving, something that I have had to consider on some level throughout my project. It is inspiring to see how a leading VFX company (Industrial Light & Magic) use simulation layers to create the illusion of realism.

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